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name: braixen
ID no.: 616825
class: artist
nature: jolly
money: pokédollars
i draw lots of things!
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a classical rendition


a classical rendition

sorry for the lack of posts. i had to do a total reinstall of photoshop and after effects, and then my usb port started giving my computer problems. more art to come, i promise!

kidzbopilluminati said: Yooooo can you put up a tutorial on how you did that really neat distortion effects? My knowledge on creating distorted effects in gifs is incredibly basic and i wANT TO BE AS GOOD AS YOU NO LIE

Uhhh! Lots and lots of trial and error I guess. I did all of the initial TV-ish distortion in after effects. i’ll screenshot my project file! a lot of the final distortion was actually just from converting it to a .gif and making it really lossy (it needed to be to not be like 20mb anyway).

warning really long response with lots of swearing (because im tired) and image links. make a hot fucking beverage and remember to drink it or it’ll be cold when we’re done

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the two images i used for the gif

click through for much higher res

five nights at freddy’s… a family photo. im so sorry.

jesus christ this game fucked me up. this is my way of making myself not scared: by spending hours getting frustrated making a dumb gif…. enjoy

help i drew the main cast of pmmm as pokemon

i love the idea of mahou shoujo braixen so much i’m doing my own interpretation of kidzbopilluminati's awesome design!!

seriously though follow kidzbopilluminati !! once again they draw some negatively themed stuff but it’s all tagged